What are Explore project statuses?

Project statuses give a high-level overview of a particular Explore project.

Project statuses are a way to indicate the overall progress of an Explore project and help you track your custom studies. By default, there are five statuses: “Draft”, “In review”, “In progress”, “Finished” and “Archived”.


Draft Your Explore project is being edited and still needs to be submitted.
In review Your Explore project has been submitted to the platform, and our internal Explore team is reviewing its feasibility. If the team has any recommendations for improving your project design, they will contact you directly within 1 or 2 workdays to discuss possible changes.
In progress Your project has been approved. Once your assessed project is sent to the field, your assets will be tested by participants selected according to your recruitment criteria. The study process includes data collection, data analysis, and reporting phases.
Finished Your Explore project results and raw data are available for download on the platform within a few days after submitting your project.
Archived Your project has been revised and closed.