What is Explore?

Explore is a standardized remote testing tool that collects real responses on creative assets from your target audience.

Explore collects conscious and unconscious responses — like emotion, motivation, and memory — to reveal how your target audience feels about your brand and marketing assets. You can set up a study with our team, and get results within days.


What can I test with Explore?

Explore is used for testing three main asset types:


You can read about the main test types here.


How does Explore work?

Explore’s standardized tests allow you to assess your marketing assets and understand real customer attention, emotion, cognition, and stated responses.

  1. Select assets and audience
    We will test using validated test templates. Select what kind of creative assets you would like to test, send us your assets, and define your audience and recruitment criteria.
  2. Review
    The Explore team goes through your selections to ensure your project will provide you with the best possible results. If the team has any recommendations for improving your project design, they will contact you directly to discuss the possible changes.
  3. Fieldwork
    Your assessed project is sent to the field, where your assets are tested by participants selected according to your recruitment criteria.
  4. Results
    You will receive the final results and raw data directly from the our team. Read more about the results you can get through an Explore test.


What can I measure with Explore?

Explore tests are developed to measure the effect of ads and brand assets on people’s implicit cognition (unconscious influences) and attitude.

Each Explore test is based on Fast Response Tests (FRT) — different types of reaction time (RT) test — which assesses brand associations. The studies also consist of self-report questionnaires to gain better insights into the different dimensions of consumers' cognition and behavior. Read more about the main components of an Explore study.


Attention & Cognitive Scores Explore gives you validated attention heatmaps and scores on Cognitive Demand, Focus, Clarity, and Engagement with Predict AI.
Emotional Drivers Explore measures the implicit emotions and feelings associated with your brand or product, such as appeal, excitement, familiarity, trust, and excellence.
Motivational Drivers Explore measures what motivations your ad evokes in your audiences, such as liking, trial, and recommendation.
Memory Explore tests whether your brand or product is easy to remember.
Stated Preferences Measurement of stated preferences on a 7-point Likert scale.

You can also make your own selection of association words for Emotional & Motivational tests to customize your study.