How to use the Predict benchmarks

Learn how to use and understand the benchmarks to discover whether your asset is below, within, or above the norm.

What do the benchmarks mean?

The benchmarks show you the typical range of predicted scores for a given category. In addition to that, the average within this range is represented with a vertical line on the benchmark.

The benchmark ranges and averages are shown directly on top of your predictions, so you can easily compare the predicted performance of your creative against the industry average by determining whether your scores are within or outside the range.

If your predicted score is outside the benchmark range, it does not necessarily mean that it is a bad score. It simply means that it is not typical compared to the average, which can be both good or bad depending on the purpose of your creative. 

Learn more about how the Predict Benchmarks were created and calculated here

How to see benchmarks for your predictions

Selecting the type of your image and any AOIs drawn on the image will display the benchmarks for the selected types directly on your predictions. Follow the steps below to see how.

Prediction benchmarks

  1. Click on any of your predicted images to enter the Prediction Detail View.
  2. The Benchmarks area can be found in the top right corner of the page above the AOI list.
  3. Click on Choose image type in the Benchmarks area in the top right corner of the page, which will open a list of all available image types.
  4. Select the type that fits your image. You can choose any of the 3 main categories, click the    button to expand them to view and select any of its subcategories, or search for a specific category by typing its name.
    1. You can also select the "Any type" option to see benchmarks corresponding to an average across all image types, but we recommend you select a specific category, so you can compare your performance against the average for your specific use case.
  5. Once you have selected an image type, the list will close and the benchmarks for the selected type will be visible directly on your predicted scores.
  6. You can hover over any of the visible benchmarks to see the exact percentages of the benchmark ranges.

AOI benchmarks

  1. After you have selected your image type, you will have the option to select the type of each of your AOIs. Whenever you draw a new AOI or click    to edit an existing AOI, a window will appear where you will see the AOI Benchmarks option.
  2. Click on Choose AOI type under the AOI Benchmarks option, which will open a list of all available AOI types within the image type you have previously selected.
  3. Select the AOI type in the list that fits your image.
  4. Click on Save or Create (depending on whether you're editing or creating an AOI), and you will now see the benchmarks for the selected type directly on the AOI result.
  5. You can hover over any of the visible benchmarks to see the exact percentages of the benchmark ranges, as well as the selected AOI type.