How to work with AOIs

With AOIs (Areas of Interest) you can measure the performance of any element in your creative assets.


What is an AOI?

An AOI (Area of Interest) calculates the performance inside a specific area of a creative.

The performance measured is different for each predicted map:

  •   Total Attention map
    •   Total Attention: The percentage of visual attention that falls within the area for the entire exposure, which allows you to determine what draws significant attention, and what falls through the cracks. 
    •   Time Spent: The predicted amount of time customers will spend viewing the area during a 5-second exposure. Only available for images.
    •   Percentage Seen: The percentage of customers who will look at the area at least once during their exposure. Only available for images.
    •   Availability: The total amount of time the area is present throughout the entire video. Only available for videos.
    •   Relative Attention: The percentage of attention that falls within the area only while the AOI was available to be seen, enabling you to see how attention-grabbing the area was when being presented. Only available for videos.
  •  Start Attention map: The percentage of visual attention that falls within the area for the first 2 seconds of an exposure, allowing you to identify which elements draw immediate customer attention.
  •   End Attention map: The percentage of visual attention that falls within the area for the last 2 seconds of an exposure, letting you identify the final focus elements.
  •   Cognitive Demand Heatmap: The AOIs measure the cognitive demand within the area, which enables you to identify what elements are the most complex and demanding for customers to process.
  • image-png-Apr-20-2023-09-12-36-7105-AM  Clarity Heatmap: The AOIs measure clarity within the area, which shows you which elements customers will experience as the clearest.
  •   Engagement Heatmap: The AOIs measure engagement within the area, so you can see which elements will make customers feel the most excited and immersed.


Attention AOIs in details view

AOI results


Both image and video AOIs provide you with overall results for each predicted map, which represents customer responses for a full exposure to your creative.

These results can be found in the AOI list, and are also displayed directly on the creative for image AOIs.

In addition to the overall results, video AOIs also provide results for every individual frame throughout the video. These results are shown directly on the video, as well as displayed together with Cognitive Demand and Focus in the graph below the video to visualize the AOI performance over time.

If there are multiple AOIs within the same category, in this case brands, they are grouped together by default. To see the performance of each AOI within the group, you can click on Brand Attention below the graph to split it up into individual graphs for every AOI. You can now easily compare the performance between multiple AOIs over time, and can also disable Cognitive Demand and Focus in the graph as well to get an even clearer overview.


Creating AOIs

Only available for image AOIs, currently video AOIs have to be automatically generated.

To calculate the performance for a specific element in creative, you have to create an AOI shape to define the borders of the area. Our AOI tools give you the freedom to fully customize the shape of your AOI, so you can ensure it fits any element.

  •   Draw rectangle: Click and drag anywhere on the image to create a rectangular AOI.
  •   Draw polygon: Click around your element to create the corners of the polygon, and finish the AOI by clicking on the first corner you added.

All AOIs are shared across all the predicted maps, which means you can create your AOIs on any map to calculate all types of performance for that element!


Automatic AOIs

Whenever you upload and predict an image or video, AOIs are automatically created for you and calculated on all predicted maps:

  •  Images: AOIs are created for brands
  •  Videos: AOIs are created for brands and tracked throughout the entire video

Automatically generated AOIs can be identified by the    icon next to the name in the list, which goes away as soon as the AOI is edited in any way.


If any image AOIs were detected that you want to get rid of, you can easily delete multiple AOIs at once!

If you have a previously uploaded file that has no AOIs, a  image-png-Aug-14-2023-09-25-55-1471-AM  Generate AOIs button will appear near the right side of the screen, which you can click to immediately create AOIs. image-png-Nov-30-2023-09-30-43-5329-AM

Image and video AOIs are very similar, and can both be renamed, deleted, and hidden the same way. However, because editing video AOIs is significantly more complex than for images, as the AOIs are tracked throughout all individual video frames, copy-pasting and editing placement of AOIs is currently only available for images.

Learn more about the video and image AOI results here.


The AI-powered brand detection is based on a database of around 100.000 brands! This means it will be able to detect most brands, but there might still be some cases where the brand isn't in the database, or the brand is too unclear to be recognized. 


Editing and renaming AOIs

Editing AOIs

Only available for image AOIs

If the shape of your AOI doesn't quite fit the element in the way you wanted, there's no need to start over. Simply use one of our editing tools to adjust your AOI:

  •  Move and resize: With this tool, you can click and drag any AOI to move it. You are are also able to rotate or change the width, height, and size by dragging on any of the highlighted corners that appear when you click to select an AOI.
  •   Edit corners: When you enable this tool, all corners for each of your AOIs are highlighted. You can now click and drag on any of these corners to move them around and change the shape of the AOI.

Renaming AOIs

To change the name of an AOI, hover over the AOI on the image or in the AOI panel on the right side, and click the    icon that appears. In the window that then opens, you can change AOI Name and then click Save.


Hiding and deleting AOIs

Hiding AOIs

AOIs can be turned on and off individually by clicking on the toggles next to each AOI in the AOI panel on the right side of the screen.

You can also turn off all AOIs by clicking on the  Show AOIs toggle in the left toolbar or in the top right corner of the AOIs panel.

Deleting AOIs

To delete an AOI, hover over the AOI on the image or in the AOIs panel on the right side, and click the    icon that appears. In the window that then opens, click on the AOI_Delete_Icon Delete AOI button to delete the AOI.

To quickly delete single or multiple AOIs, you can also use the   Move and resize tool to select AOIs by dragging a box over them or clicking them individually while holding the Shift key, and then clicking the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard to delete all selected AOIs at once!


Copy-pasting AOIs

Only available for image AOIs

Quickly compare performance on similar areas by copy-pasting AOIs from any image to any other image in Neurons AI, so you can be sure the AOIs are exactly the same.

  1. Open an image in Neurons AI.
  2. Select the AOI_MoveAndResize_Tool_Icon  Move and resize AOI tool in the left toolbar.
  3. Select the AOI you want to copy by clicking on it. Select multiple AOIs by holding down the Shift key while clicking on them.
  4. Press Ctrl + C.
  5. Select the image you want to paste the AOI to (skip this step if you want to paste the AOI on the same image to duplicate them).
    1. Open up the prediction details view of the new image and click on the image.
    2. If you’re in the comparison view, click on another image in the comparison.
  6. Press Ctrl + V, and the copied AOIs will now appear on the new image! If any elements have different sizes or locations on the new creative, you can use our editing tools to adjust the size and placement of the pasted AOIs.

If your new image is different in format, you can make your copied AOIs adapt to the new shape by pasting with Ctrl + Alt + V (or Cmd + Shift + V on Mac)!

Copying an AOI in comparison view