What are the main components of Explore tests?

Explore tests are based on three main types of components.


Fast Response Test (FRT) and Response Time (RT)

Consumer behavior is not a completely rational cognitive process but also involves automatic and unconscious, so-called implicit processes of the mind. To measure implicit consumer responses, Explore tests are based on Implicit Association Tests (IAT) and Fast Response Tests (FRT), widespread scientific methods for measuring unconscious processes.

The use of response time (RT) also known as reaction time is one of the central measurements being used in Neurons’ online implicit test battery. Response time or reaction time (RT) refers to the time it takes for behavioral responses to occur during a particular task. RT is affected by emotional and cognitive processes, thus allowing it to be used as an index of unconscious emotion, motivation, and cognitive processing.

Here's an example of an Explore test for Creatives (desktop version). This is what a Creative Test looks like for the receiving participants.


Validity and transparency

Explore tests are founded on solid scientific grounds. Not only are we basing our methods and metrics on more than 20 years of research and experience, but we continue to push the boundaries for more reliable methods.

Some examples of this include: