How to work with the Predict Plugin

With the Predict Plugin you can analyze your data in your preferred platform tool.


Get and set your Plugin API key

Start by installing the plugin on your preferred platform:


figma_icon_new                  chrome_icon_new                   AdobeXD_icon_new


Get API key

To get started analyzing assets an API key needs to be generated and copied from your account.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the account info in the top-right corner, and click Settings.
  3. In Settings, click on the Plugins tab. 
  4. Here you can click Generate to generate a personal API Key for any of the platforms.


After generating a key, it is automatically copied so you can paste it in the plugin under Set my API key, and save or set it there.


Figma plugin

How to make a prediction?

  1. Run the command ✨ Analyze Frame to analyze a selected frame.

    Figma_Analyse_Assets (1)

  2. Your results will be available on the plugin dialog and your dashboard account.

    Figma_Results (1)

  3. You can copy the scores and maps to your Frame using the Add to Frame button.

    Figma_FrameAdd (1)

How to create Areas of Interest (AOI)?

  1. Draw Rectangle or Polygon layers around important areas.


  2. Name all these Rectangle layers AOI.

  3. Run a prediction

  4. The AOIs will be visible inside Attention Map.



Adobe XD plugin

How to make a prediction?

  1. Specify the target device and run the command ✨ Analyze Frame.
  2. The result dialog will open and you can see your results (Attention, Focus and Cognitive Demand).
  3. By default, metrics layers are hidden in your Artboard. Toggle the visibility of them based on your needs.

How to create Areas of Interest (AOI)?

  1. Create a Rectangle or Vector inside your Artboard around important areas.
  2. Name the Rectangle or Vector AOI.
  3. Select the Artboard and run the command ✨ Analyze Frame.
  4. The attention heatmap will include your AOIs


Google Chrome plugin

How to make a prediction?

  1. Click on the Neurons Predict extension.
  2. Click the button Analyze to analyze a visible part of the screen or a selected area, and pick which folder to place the prediction.

  3. Your results will be available will be available after a few seconds.