What is a heatmap and how do I read it?

In this article, you will learn what heatmaps are and how to interpret them.

What is a heatmap?

A heatmap is a tool that uses color to graphically represent complex data, making it easier to visualize and understand.

With Predict, you can generate multiple types of AI-predicted heatmaps:

Tip: Use Areas of Interest (AOIs) to quantify the heatmaps by measuring the performance of different areas or elements in your images!


image-png-Apr-24-2023-02-42-37-4361-PMAttentionHeatmap_Icon  Attention Heatmaps

Attention heatmaps show how customers will look at your asset by highlighting the areas that are most likely to catch people’s eyes when they see the image or a video.

The colors range from green through yellow to red indicates the cumulative time of eye fixations to each region of an image or video. Warmer colors indicate more attention. 


AttentionFogmap_Icon  Attention Fogmaps

This map is based on the same predicted attention as the Attention Heatmap, and is also referred to as a “reversed heatmap.” Instead of adding color where attention is present, it instead covers the whole image/video with a white fog, which is cleared where there is a significant amount of visual attention.

If you can't see something on the Attention Fogmap, it's because your customers won't see it either!

Tip: The Fogmap is great for spotting small amounts of attention (visualized in the heatmap as green) on colorful and especially green, backgrounds. 


CognitiveDemand_Icon  Cognitive Demand Heatmaps


Cognitive Demand is a measure of visual complexity and characterises the amount of information a customer has to process in an image.

The Cognitive Demand heatmap helps you understand what the potential drivers are for the Cognitive Demand score, thereby providing guidelines on how to reduce Cognitive Demand (if necessary or desired). In essence, the red and green regions correspond to high and low-complexity areas, respectively.

Currently only available for image predictions.

Clarity_Icon  Clarity Heatmaps


The Clarity heatmap illustrates the areas of the image that contribute most and least to the overall Clarity score

Essentially, this heatmap is a visualization of how the Predict AI model determined the predicted score. The regions that influence the score most heavily are colored green, and conversely, the red regions have the least impact on the score.

As such, customers will experience green areas as very clear, and elements in red areas will be perceived to be unclear.

Currently only available for image predictions.

Engagement_Icon  Engagement Heatmaps


The Engagement heatmap is created in the same way as the Clarity heatmap, as it is also a visualization of how the Predict AI model predicted the overall Engagement score. The green regions contribute the most to the overall score, and the red regions contribute the least.

This means that elements in the green areas will make customers feel more immersed, whereas red areas will feel less engaging.

Currently only available for image predictions.