User roles and permissions

User roles and permissions determine what a user can see and do on the Neurons Platform.


User roles

  • Company Owners
    The user who created the company is automatically set as the Company Owner of that Company. To change or add Company Owners to your Company, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 
  • Admins
    You can have multiple Admin roles per Company, and can always add or remove Admins as needed.
  • Members
    Whenever you invite someone to join your Company, they are automatically set as Members once they accept the invitation.


Only Admins and Company Owners have full control over changing user roles and only they can invite new members to their Company.


User permissions

Predict Member Admin Company Owner
Upload and predict files
Create and organize folders
Create & edit AOIs
Download results & files


Explore Member Admin Company Owner
Create and organize projects
Create and edit project drafts
Create and rename folders
Download reports
Start projects  


Managing permissions Member Admin Company Owner
Invite new users  
Delete invitations  
Change user roles (except themselves)  
Remove users from the company (except themselves and Company Owners)  


Changing user roles and permissions

Learn how to change who has access to the Platform here